Why Do People Unlock Phones

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Now that unlocking your smartphone, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t unlock yours, right? In fact, that’s correct: unlocking your smartphone provides you, the owner, more power over your device. So if you can, here are three major reasons why you should take advantage of the option: It Makes It Usable Internationally... Without Ridiculous Fees To attract customers, carriers typically subsidize the purchase cost of a device when a user signs up for a new two-year contract and lock the subsidized phone to their service.

For example, if you purchase an HTC One (M8) from AT&T without a contract, the device would cost $669. How To Unlock Japanese Iphone more. If you sign up for a two-year contract, AT&T will sell you the phone for $199, but the device will be locked by the carrier and will only work on its network. That also means that if you travel internationally, you can’t just switch out the AT&T SIM card for a local one—it won’t work. Iphone 5s T Mobile Uk Unlock.