What Does It Mean To Unlock My Phone

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See also: That means that under U.S. Law, it is now illegal to unlock a cellphone without a carrier's permission. Consumers, and even the came out in favor of legalizing phone unlocking. The wireless industry, which was initially against reinstating the copyright exemption, even had a, of sorts.

Air Keygen. Last week, a piece of, dubbed the 'Unlocking Consumer and Wireless Competition Act,' was unanimously approved by both the House and the Senate. This means that consumers will once again be able to legally unlock their cellphones without running afoul of copyright laws. The law will only restore the exemption until the Librarian of Congress makes its (which is scheduled to happen sometime in 2015), but as activist, this is the first time Congress has ever acted to reverse an exemption. Alright, so you'll soon be able to unlock your phone again. What does this mean for you, the regular phone user? Will this make my phone work on all carriers? Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 Unlocked Cell Phone. A common misconception is that unlocking a cellphone will make it compatible with all other cellular networks.

What Does It Mean To Unlock My Cell Phone