Unlock Phone After Contract Expires

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Today i called Fido and tried to unlock my iPhone(the contract has ended 6 months ago), then the gentleman took a note of my IMEI#, came up with a soft tone'sir, if you agree to proceed the unlock, there will be $50 + tax appears on your next monthly bill'. Apple Iphone 5s Unlocked Sim Free 64gb Space Grey. Excuse-me, i have paid the full price of the phone in the past two years with a quite expensive plan, and i don't quite understand what this so called 'administration fees' is all about. I saw the customer service quality has dropped dramatically in recent months, at first, they got rid of retention dept, followed by claiming the end of Fido dollars, then try to charge you another $50 dollars for unlocking your phone after contract expiration. ***Edited to add Labels***.

Does Sprint Have To Unlock Phone After Contract

SoftBank is known for being total assholes about unlocking phones after your contract expires, so that's kind of out. Unlocking Verizon Iphone 4s For Free. I don't know if the SIM slot is unlocked on AU.