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Phone Unlocking Service - Learn how to unlock AT&T phone. Find an unlock code for AT&T cell phone or other mobile phone from UnlockBase.

Filesearchex Keygen. IMPORTANT: Do not turn on the Lumia 640 with an AT&T SIM card inserted or it will register itself as a customer phone. We are going to do a “non-at&t customer” unlock, so we do not want it to get registered as a customer phone. DO NOT insert your AT&T SIM inside your AT&T Lumia 640 go-phone. Steps to Unlock AT&T Lumia 640 4G LTE Go-Phone for FREE! Apple Iphone 4s Unlocked Deals In Us here.

The process of unlocking an AT&T go-phone comprises of applying for the unlock code and then using that code to unlock your device. Here’s the complete process: Requesting AT&T Lumia 640 unlock code • Take out your AT&T SIM and to be on the safe side, I would not turn on my device with any SIM card inserted in it until the unlock code has been received from AT&T. • Go to AT&T’s official. • Scroll down to the bottom of the page, accept the terms and click on Continue. • On the next page, select No radio button next to “Are you AT&T wireless customer?” and fill out the required information: • IMEI Number (You can find the IMEI number of your Lumia 640 by removing its battery or on the box.) • Make (auto select) • Model (auto select) • Some characters to confirm that you are not a bot • Click the Next button and fill out another form by providing only these details: • First Name • Last Name • Email • Click Submit button.

• You’ll receive an Unlock Request Confirmation email on the email address you provided. Open that email and confirm the request by click on the link provided in that email. • Now wait for an important email from AT&T, which should contain the unlock code along with instruction. There has been a slight change to the unlock page but you still have to give your name and email address.

I suggest for the email address you use a microsoft account, either outlook or hotmail. After submitting your request successfully, you will be sent a mail with a link to confirm your request within 24 hr. In this same email, you can find your Imei number and request number that you can use to check your unlock status after 2 working days. Although it is indicated in the mail that the unlock code will be mailed to you if successful, they normally do not send it. Unlock Iphone Se Passcode. You have to go check for it on the unlock code status check page after 2 days.