Unlock Iphone With Voice Over Activated

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Unlock Iphone With Voice Command

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Some people find the Voice Control feature on the iPhone useful while others view this feature as a hindrance. Voice control seems to be fairly accurate when you call out a contact from your address book, but the feature is not very useful for finding music by title, artist or album. Additionally, when voice control is activated, unauthorized users can simply hold down the Home button to open the iPhone’s dialer and make calls. How Do U Unlock A Iphone 5c. The voice control feature is integrated into the OS and cannot be disabled in the phone preferences. You can, however, deactivate voice control by setting a lock screen pass code and disabling voice dialing. For iPhones with the Siri feature, enabling Siri disables default voice activation on the device.

Yesterday, I ran into an issue, where my phone was locked and I was unable to access anything. Iphone Unlock Free Codes here. I guess when the phone was in my pocket unlocked it had turned on an accessibility called Voice over. Then all I could do was look at my lock screen (or make an emergency call like 911) and that was it. To make matters worse even Siri, would not even assist in allowing me to enter a password verbally, which I thought was really strange for a voice menu program in a voice enabled accessibility mode.