Unlock Alltel Iphone 5s

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Iphone On Alltel Network

I have an Alltel IPhone 5s. I purchased it the other day as an iPod. How ever I am now using it on straight talk. What I did was call Att. Told them I have an Alltel phone. I do lot have aervice with att. The website said it wasn't an Att phone and wouldn't give me the code.

I told them the FCC says they can't refuse to unlock my phone. Since att owns alltel. I was put on hold. Adobe Cs5 Keygen All Products.

Windows 7 Enterprise Product Keygen there. And then they unlocked it for me. Now I'm using this old alltel iPhone 5s on straight talk.

In this video we will show you how to unlock any iPhone model to any service provider in the world, once you unlock your iPhone. I have an iPhone 5s locked on Alltel network. Att bought out Alltel. I have tried and tried to unlock this device but ATT says it isn't their.

If I Bought My Iphone From Apple Is It Unlocked here. I also put in a friends att sim and it worked fine too. Oh and I got 4g on it.