Tracfone Unlock Phone Number

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Tracfone Unlock Phone Number

Step Write down your phone's IMEI (international mobile device identification) number. Find it by typing '*#06#' into your phone and hitting 'Send.' It might also be on a label under the battery. Step Get your unlock code one of two ways. First, call TracFone. Acrobat Pro Mac Keygen.

Jun 30, 2015 TracFone, a major provider of prepaid mobile phone service, must keep its promise to let customers unlock their devices and transfer service to competing. Can A Sprint Iphone 5s Be Unlocked For Tmobile. Get your unlock code from TracFone. Call its customer service hotline at 1-800-867-7183, anytime between 8 AM to 12 MN, any day of the week. When you get to talk with a representative, tell them that you need an unlock code for your phone. TracFone is a prepaid service provider, so it won’t be hard to request one. Buy SIM Cards / Bring Your Own Phone. How to Bring Your Own Smartphone to TracFone Click to watch video. Keep your number.

Give the rep your IMEI number, and you will be told whether an unlock code can be provided. If you're not eligible, navigate to one of several online unlocking services. Enter your phone's model and hit 'Unlock My Phone' or some such equivalent. The site will ask you to identify your current service provider. This will typically indicate how much unlocking a TracFone will cost. This number can vary from $9.99 to $39.99 as of 2010, depending on the type and age of the phone, as well as the network you're leaving.

Step Remove your TracFone SIM card. Put the battery back in and turn on the phone. Enter the unlock code when prompted. A message will appear to tell you if the code was accepted. Step Remove the battery and insert your new carrier's SIM card. Reboot the phone to officially leave TracFone for a new carrier.