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I need to know where I can purchase an iPhone 4S a couple requirements, though: - should be *brand new*, unopened box - should be unlocked (plan on using it on T-Mobile) - need to pick it up in person (no ordering online) - Should be somewhere reputable (WalMart, Apple, T-Mobile, AT&T etc.) Where can I find a brand new, unlocked iPhone 4S in person without having to order it online? Are T-Mobile retail stores selling unlocked iPhone 4S' in their retail chains?

What about Walmart? Someone help me out here. Click to expand.Why would an unlocked iPhone 4S cost the same as an unlocked 5? There are tons of reasons I want one: - I'm not on a plan with any of the three carriers that offer the phone - I don't want to be locked into a contract with my phone. Vmware Keygen 6. - My aunt is willing to buy me one for x-mas (but not a 5, too expensive) - I like the design of 4S better than 5 (no bendgate, no scuffgate, love glass) So I can only get a brand new unlocked iPhone 4S in person from the Apple store? I heard somewhere that WalMarts offer unlocked iPhone 4S' in retail stores, as well as some Carrier retail chains (like AT&T, T-Mobile). Iphone 5 16gb Factory Unlocked New on this page.

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Can anyone confirm this? Click to expand.Not exactly what 'story' you're referring to. First of all, she's buying me the phone for Christmas, not the other way around? But I don't want her to go through the trouble of ordering it online (it would also take a long time). Did you even bother reading through the thread?

Secondly, she knows that I'm with T-Mobile and need an iPhone 4S that is unlocked - so the latter part of your post confuses the hell out of me. Can anyone verify if it's possible to buy an unlocked iPhone 4S at a Best Buy? Click to expand.Not sure if you read through the thread yet, but I'll say it again. The phone is for ME - NOT her - so me ordering it online would be pointless, and she most likely wouldn't give me her credit card info. She just told me that she would have no problem buying an unlocked iPhone 4S for me for Christmas - so I wanted to know if it's possible to buy unlocked iPhones (brand new) in other electronic retail stores other than Apple (because there's no Apple stores near her house).