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I've had a non-rooted HTC One X+ for about 1.8 years that started to experience an odd issue about a week ago. I hit the power button to turn the screen on (the phone was already on), however the unlock screen (default swipe up to unlock on HTC Sense 4) wouldn't respond to touch.

We can’t do Command Line prompts because the phone won’t connect to the. If i use the method: How to Unlock Android Phone from Computer Without Resetting. Feb 07, 2010 Occasionally, the slide down to unlock doesn't work on my Eris, although right now is a first: It repeatedly won't let me unlock it despite putting it. Unlocked Iphone 5s 16gb Price.

My Lg Phone Won

The LCD, power button and volume rocker worked just fine (the LCD changed the time, the power button shut the screen on and off and the volume rocker changed the volume). How To Unlock Iphone 6 When Disabled Without Itunes. It was if the digitizer wasn't responding (to anything) I hit Power + Volume Down to force a restart. When the phone turned off, it didn't turn back on. So, I left it for several minutes (hitting the power button and waiting).

Eventually it came back on (~10 minutes). Is My At&t Phone Unlocked. I thought it was just a system lock up so I ignored it. Several hours later it happened again and it's been happening again every couple of hours (but sometimes sooner if I take it out of my pocket more often). Sometimes, when I do the hard reboot, it restarts without issue. But sometimes it stays blank.

If it stays blank I've found that slightly twisting/pressure on the screen causes it to start again (but I think it might be placebo). I did a full factory reset and everything seemed great for about 3 days but then it started to happen again.