O2 Unlock Iphone Not Original Owner

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Purchase Unlocked Iphone 7. It means that you haven't used the phone to make calls or texts on the O2 network with that sim so O2 can't associate the number with the IMEI number of the phone. Are you in the UK, if so make a couple of call and send a couple of texts.

Unlocking iPhone from EE (I'm not original owner). I'm not the original owner. It was on O2, but she's on Virgin.

If you are not UK based, I draw your attention to the second link in my post above. It's a point of debate as to whether you can get the phone unlocked unless the simcard has been used in the UK as opposed to an overseas network. Do a search on the forum for unlocking iphones and you will see this has been widely debated.

Am planning to buy a second-hand iPhone 5, which is locked to O2. I expect (though I don't know) that this phone is still in contract. I want to use the PAYG SIM unlock method - buy a SIM, top up £20, put in phone, make a few calls, confirm with O2 that IMEI and number are linked, and then request unlock. My understanding is that O2 do unlock in these instances, but I am unsure of whether they do so if the phone is still in contract. And presumably if the iPhone I buy happens to be a CPW lock-to-the-first-SIM-put-in one then I'm screwed as O2 won't/can't unlock these? Iphone 3gs Refurbished Unlocked. Hi Most networks will only unlock iPhones if the request comes from the original owner. O2 are different in that as long as the handset was supplied directly by O2, that an O2 sim registered to the customer requesting the unlock has been used in the handset they normally will authorise the unlock.

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