Master Code To Unlock Android Phone

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Step Obtain an unlock code. T-Mobile users can wait three months from the date their contract starts and then request a free unlock code from T-Mobile. If you're not a T-Mobile customer or wish to unlock your phone immediately, purchase an unlock code online.

Home » Mobile Computing » ALL MOBILE PHONES SECRET CODE for unlocking. Itel phone unlock code; master unlock code for android. How To Unlock A Tmobile Iphone 6 For Free. Master code to unlock any phone.

Parallels 10 Keygen more. You'll need your IMEI number, which you can find by going to Settings >About Phone >Status. Step Turn off your Android phone and remove the back cover and battery. Look for the SIM card, and remove the one that's currently in your phone. Set it aside. Insert the new SIM card and replace the battery and back cover. Turn your phone back on. Step When the phone boots up, it will display a screen asking for an unlock code for the new SIM.

Master Code To Unlock Android Phone

Enter the unlock code when prompted. Your phone is now unlocked.