Iphone Screen Cracked Cant Unlock

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How To Unlock Security Code On Lg Phone more. Nov 29, 2015 Use a lightning keyboard for unlocking the iPhone og iPad, in case the display is broken and your Touch ID doesn't Work. When it has been opened you can. Back up iPhone that can not be unlocked--screen is broken/shattered. Cracked LCD and require passcode to unlock the. Screen iphone that i cant.

Unlock Iphone Screen From Computer

Hi Everyone, My iPhone 4S Screen has cracked and is completely unusable. I can't slide to unlock the screen and when I plug it into a computer to try and get things off it or run a backup, it says iTunes can't connect to the phone because the iPhone is locked. Enter the passcode to enable this phone, but I can't!!

The phone is not jailbroken - it's a bog standard iPhone 4S bought in the UK. Unlock Samsung Phone With Broken Screen. I have read lots about remote controlling jailbroken phones, but as it's not jailbroken none of this applies to me. Does anyone know of anyway to get the phone operational by bypassing the lock code? Or any other ingenious way of getting it to work. I'm currently overseas because of Christmas and won't be back in the UK until January, so the Apple Store is kind of out of the question.

Thanks F Sony Vaio / Mesh, Two machines 1 with Vista, 1 with XP Posted on Dec 26, 2011 1:18 PM. Maybe I should post this elsewhere as a new thread, but here's the latest developments. Can A Thief Unlock My Iphone here. I've gotten hold of an old iPhone 4 as a loan whilst i'm away. I put my 4S simcard in and thought I'd be able to restore from an iCloud backup I made some time ago, just to get my contacts etc back. When I logon to iCloud I can see them, even though more recently, I switched the iCloud backup off on my 4S. When I put my iCloud credentials into the iPhone 4, it says last backup 'never' and therefore gives me no option to restore from my iCloud backup.