Iphone 6 Wont Slide To Unlock

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Universal Keygen Generator 2017. Corel Videostudio Pro X5 Keygen Only on this page. I cant get into my phone to make a phone call or read any messages also it wont let me slide to open and wont let me slide to turn i-phone 6 off.

For years, Apple taught us to unlock iOS devices by swiping on the lock screen from left to right. The company even patented this technology, and gave Samsung and other Android device makers plenty of headaches over.

Iphone 6 Wont Slide To Unlock

But in iOS 10, Apple is killing the gesture, as it has other plans in mind for the lock screen and the phone unlocking mechanism. Slide-to-unlock is dead, long live Press-home-to-open!

DON’T MISS: That’s the new gesture you have to learn: pressing the home button to open the iPhone or iPad. But as our discovered while testing iOS 10, you will encounter a rather silly behavior, at least in the first beta. Corel Keygen Download there.