Iphone 4 Unlock Sim Card Gevey

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If you would like to proceed and unlock your iPhone 4 with a Gevey SIM card on the iOS 5 firmware you will simply need to follow our in-depth guide on updating to the iOS 5 firmware without updating your iPhone 4’s baseband in the process. This is a relatively simple thing to do and involves using RedSn0w. At&t Customer Unlock Iphone there.

Hi, I purchased my iPhone in Japan, canceled service (Softbank), now I am back in the US. I am iOS 4.2.1, baseband 03.10.01, model MC605J As of this writing I am confident there is no software unlock for my phone. I want to buy a Gevey Sim, but don't really understand how I could use it. You put the Gevey Sim -- with your sim -- in the phone, then unlock it.

Iphone 4 Sim Card Replacement

Could I still do this with my Softbank sim, given that I am no longer in Japan and no longer have service with them? If not, can anyone think of any way I could use this phone to get service in the US? Thank you very much! I saw that, it looks like it came out in within the last day. Wurth Wow 5.00 8 Keygen. However I can find a Gevey on ebay for $15, so about $150 cheaper than the IMEI method, which doesn't really seem guaranteed to last*. So does anyone know if Gevey would work for me with my Softbank SIM card when I already canceled service?