Iphone 4 Imei Number Unlock

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IMEI Check: Apple iPhone GSX Complete Report Apple IMEI check, all models supported, just tell us your IMEI number. Description GSX IMEI Check There are two very important things to verify when ordering a GSX IMEI Check: The lock status of your iPhone: • unlocked: false – your iPhone is locked • unlocked: true – your iPhone is unlocked The next tether policy of your iPhone: • nextTetherPolicyDetails: Unlock – that means your iPhone is unlocked, even if the lock status is “unlocked: false” – that means it is unlocked but has yet to be connected to iTunes. • nextTetherPolicyDetails: AT&T USA (for example) – if it shows a specific operator here, that means your phone is locked, in this case to AT&T USA operator. Iphone 5 Sim Unlock Jailbreak. Here are different scenario’s that can occur while ordering a GSX Check: Examples: 1. Unlocked Iphone 6 Sim Not Supported. Xforce Keygen Autodesk 2015 64 Bit Free Download. Your iPhone is unlocked and already connected to iTunes (unbricked): • serialNumber: T3113MXXXXX • partDescription: 16GB BLACK • imeiNumber: XXXXX • initialActivationPolicyDetails: UK Hutchison. • initialActivationPolicyID: 303 • unlocked: true • unlockDate: 07/03/14 • warrantyStatus: Out of Warranty (No Coverage) • coverageStartDate: • coverageEndDate: • daysRemaining: 0 • PurchaseDate: 07/06/11 • purchase Country: United Kingdom • registrationDate: 07/06/11 • productDescription: iPhone 4 • nextTetherPolicyID: 303 • nextTetherPolicyDetails:UK Hutchison.

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