Iphone 4 Cannot Slide To Unlock

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Had my IPhone5 for 11months and suddenly froze today - could not 'slide to unlock'. However, i could 'slide to answer'. Did a Google search on the problem and this site was the 1st that i clicked on. So took your advice and 'Bingo':) Thank you so much, otherwise it was a trip down to the Apple shop. Merv Watkins, Perth, Australia. Iphone 4 slide unlock is frozen, unable to turn off the phone. IPhone:: Cannot Slide To Unlock 4? Apr 13, 2012. I've reset the phone and restored it, still nothing. Unlock Windows Phone With Broken Screen here. Phone will not unlock, there is no password, it just will not slide to unlock. It wasn't dropped, wet or anything else. My settings are supposed to come up even when. How To Unlock 3 Network Phone more.

How To Unlock A Iphone

How To Know If Your Iphone 4 Is Unlocked. Hi guys, ive been stressing about this all day, basically my iphone screen cracked badly,and it wouldn't let me slide to unlock or no touch was working at all, so i decided to replace the screen myself, this is what i bought iPhone 4 replacement Screen+LCD/Digitizer+Front AND Back. I had no problems at all doing this job using a guide on youtube, but when ive finally finished and go to unlock the phone the slide to unlock still isnt responding, would anyone know what else this problem might be? Some hardware fault that i cant fix? I cant take the phone back to apple now as ive had it for over 2 years but cant afford to get a new contract out so thought this would work thanks for reading hope someone has some insight.