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Incredimail 2.5 Keeps Crashing

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IncrediMail Protection Center is a powerful filter that reviews your incoming messages for spam and junk, thereby reducing the amount of unwanted messages in your Inbox. This helps decrease the chance of viruses and malware from entering your computer through messages.

It also has a special feature within each message to determine if a link to a website you received is trusted, and will warn you before clicking on this link. To find out more about Protection Center, please scroll down and find your preferred information: • What is included in the Protection Center? • What is the Spam Blocker? • What is the Link Scanner? • How can I register my Protection Center license? • How do I install the IncrediMail Protection Center? • How do I activate the Protection Center feature?

• Why is there an icon in my Messages? How do I remove the Link Scanner icons from my Messages (Protection Center Member)? • How can I access Protection Center?

Cheap Galaxy S3 Unlocked Phone. • How do report Spam using the Spam Blocker? What is included in the Protection Center?

Protection Center contains two powerful tools to protect you from dangerous or suspected messages, links and websites that may compromise your personal information, or your computers security and safety. The first is the Spam Blocker, which scans each incoming message against a database of known spammers and junk mail. Only senders you trust will arrive in your Inbox, and you can then manually review the Spam Blocker at any time. The second is the Link Scanner, which scans links in all messages according to the category of website they fall into. The links are then labeled as Safe, Suspicious or Malicious. Malicious sites include those with Phishing/Fraud, Malware, Violence, Spam and similar. Since many users may forward an email without knowing the link contained within is unsafe, the Link Scanner will provide an extra level of security by scanning all mail, including those Trusted Users who may have sent you a Malicious link by mistake, or contained within a Forward.