If I Bought My Iphone From Apple Is It Unlocked

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If I Bought My Iphone From Apple Is It Unlocked

Ok - I have never heard of this before.but it's arisen twice this Christmas!! HOW can phone service providers LOCK an iphone to their network.when the iphone has been bought direct from Apple with NO contract attached??? I'll explain very carefully what happened to me: In Feb 2012 I bought an iphone4 for £522 inc VAT from Apple. I still have the receipt and original box.

Will an unlocked iPhone bought from Apple work with the $1-a-year inner circle deal? Buy an iPhone 6s. How to unlock iPhone 6s or 6s. If you are on the iPhone Upgrade Plan through Apple, your iPhone comes unlocked but you are bound.

I went to Vodafone UK and bought a monthly sim-only deal. And I used the phone on Vodafone for three years. (ps: iphone4 was rubbish - phone reception poor and 3G patchy - my wife's iphone3S was better) In December 2014 I decided to upgrade to an iphone6 and move provider to EE. Again I bought an iphone for cash direct from Apple £610. Air Keygen.

Contacted Carphone Warehouse and they sent me an EE nano sim card. During the set up process (inserting EE nano sim and running itunes etc) it eventually said the phone was set up and working - and was now locked to EE, and would need to be released by them before a different sim would work in it. I was surprised by this message. I gave my old iphone4 (above) to my teenage grandson. But when he put a Tesco micro sim in, it would not work. Tesco mobile said the phone showed as being LOCKED to Vodafone.

Obviously I thought they were mistaken. We tried another micro sim - would not work. Iphone 4s Cdma Unlock Sim. I called Apple - they said they still had a record of the original purchase and no way the phone should be locked. I called Vodafone - and they confirmed I'd only had a sim-only contract with ten, so the phone should not be locked. I was stumped - and the iphone4 could not be used on Tesco. I asked Vodafone IN THEORY could they try unlocking it for me. They put me into their unlocking paged on their website.