How To Unlock Japanese Phone

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I have a iphone 5 which is bought from japan.i unlock this phone in nepal and it is not supporting the. How to unlock au by KDDI Japanese carrier locked iPhone 5S. How To Unlock Android Phone Pattern Lock.

UPDATE 3: It is now April 2017 and I have been using my unlocked iPhone 5S for the past year without any problems in Singapore, with a Singapore-network SIM card. UPDATE 2: In March 2016, I attempted to use a so-net data-only sim in Japan with my iPhone 5S. It did not work, stating that the sim card was not a type compatible with my phone due to it’s settings (unlock settings?) and to contact my carrier about it.

How To Unlock Japanese Phone

UPDATE: As of 7 January 2016, my phone is finally unlocked! I am using a Singapore prepaid sim card from StarHub which works on the phone. Contacted me after finding this post and let me try their service. They will do a factory unlock for your phone using your.

I was a bit skeptical but was reassured it would work 100%. At&t How To Unlock A Phone. Their customer service was fast and friendly. After submitting my IMEI code, it took 3 days (of a possible 1 to 20) before I received an email saying my phone has been unlocked!

All I had to do then was plug my phone into iTunes. I did an iTunes sync but nothing seemed to happen, then updated my phone to the latest iOS. No visible change, so I borrowed a different carrier’s SIM card from a friend to test. Hey – it works on my phone!

The incompatibility notice didn’t pop up and the phone got signal and 3G. Sim Unlock Iphone 5s T Mobile. I’m so glad this is all over. I can finally use my phone back in Singapore! Still a tad worried until that SG SIM card works but I’m just a paranoid person. The iPhoneIMEI service for Japan’s au by KDDI costs about £50 (8,500yen/USD72, exchange rates published at time of writing and may differ).

You can read other reviews. Please note that the Shutter Sound will still remain on your phone. I haven’t found a way to make it disappear. *** Previously written post below *** Here is the simple answer: YOU CAN’T. Well, not legally anyway.