How To Unlock Iphone Using Clock

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A video shows off how to unlock ANY iPhone using Siri and a menu which lets you buy new ring tones – but is it real? Frankly, if it was, would the FBI be suing Apple to get into the San Bernardino shooter’s phone? The viral video – already viewed 400,000 times, and one of many similar scams on YouTube – shows off a complex method to get past iPhone’s unlock screen. The scam is that the poster is using a finger that’s registered to that iPhone – so he gets past the lock, in effect, by giving the ‘password’ (ie his fingerprint). How do we know? We tried it, and it only works if you try it with a finger registered to the iPhone in question. As you were, people.

No, there's no 'terrifying glitch' that allows you to unlock an iPhone using Siri. Read this informative post to learn how to unlock a disabled iPhone without. Visit the World Clock interface and choose to add. Unlock Disabled iPhone without.

How To Unlock Iphone Using Clock

The guy in the video talks the viewer through the ‘unlocking’ method – but it doesn’t work as it suggests it does. He opens by saying: ‘This is how to unlock an iPhone without having to type in the passcode’. Then he asks Siri the time. Iphone 6s Cricket Unlock.

Mar 07, 2016 The videos claim to show a way of getting into the phone without using the passcode or the fingerprint scanner. The supposed trick encourages people to head to Siri and ask.

Then navigates via clock options to the alarm section. Clicks on the ‘buy more ringtones’ option. Silhouette Studio Designer Edition License Keygen. Then presses Home button to open the phone and access all apps.

However, in reality, these functions would not be made available to someone without a fingerprint registered to that phone.

You are not addressing Apple here. Feedback to Apple goes here. And click on the appropriate subject area, including bug reports. This is just like a magician's trick. All of the typing, cutting, pasting is to keep you occupied to not notice that the individual unlocked the device with Touch ID. You will not get the share option to put this into a message without the phone already being unlocked. Do this without using a finger registered with Touch ID.