How To Unlock A Windows Phone To Any Network

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How To Unlock A Windows 7 Computer

The trick to unlocking a Windows Phone is: • Have the correct unlock code. How To Unlock A Pantech Phone Forgot Password. You need to know your IMEI number to obtain one.

Entering *#06# in the dialler will bring it up. Sometimes a carrier will provide the code for free. It doesn't hurt to ask before buying one online. Cdma Unlocked Phones For Virgin Mobile. Samsung Mobile Phone Unlocking Software Free Download here.

• Insert a SIM card from a different carrier, in order to get the PIN prompt to appear. I was able to easily get an unlock code for under $5 on eBay (>1 year after release).

I like to use eBay to get unlock codes because the seller feedback will usually provide a good indication of how legit their service is. I've unlocked a Windows Phone before (LG Optimus 7 E900h in Telcel, Mexico) and this is what I had to do: Before starting, be sure to check if your phone may already be unlocked by inserting a SIM card from another carrier. If it works, don't continue:) • Go to • Select you brand and model on the left • Get your phone's IMEI by going to the phone app and dialing *#06# • Select your carrier, enter you IMEI and buy the code • In a short while (might take a few days max), they will email you your unlock code • Put a SIM card from another carrier. An error will pop up and you have the option of entering a code. • Enter the unlock code. If all went well, your phone should be unlocked.