How To Unlock A Phone Still Under Contract

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How To Unlock A Phone Still Under Contract

Take the contract SIM card out of your phone. Removing the SIM card depends on the make and model of your phone: • Some phones have the “hot swap” feature. This means that the SIM card can be taken out of the phone without shutting it down.

Look for a slot around the sides of your phone. How Can You Unlock Your Phone For Free. If you can see one, carefully open it and you’ll see the SIM card. To remove it, press it a little inside the phone and it will pop out.

Some example of phones that have the “hot swap” feature are iPhones and some Android phones from LG and HTC. • If you’re phone doesn’t have the “hot swap” feature or you can’t find any SIM card slot around the phone, this means that you can take out the SIM card by removing the back cover and battery of the phone. Turn off your phone. Find a notch, either at the top or bottom side of the phone, that you can use to lift off the back cover.

Once the cover is off, take out battery by following the arrows guides located on the battery itself.

T Mobile Usa Iphone 5s Unlock. Iphone 5 64gb Unlocked Price Ebay. AT&T will let you unlock your device permanently, provided your contract has already expired. AT&T customers still on contract may unlock their devices up to five times per year (for international travel purposes), as long as they don’t owe any past-due amount on their accounts, and have been a customer for 60 days or more.