How To Unlock A Htc Phone From Sprint

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How To Unlock A Htc Phone Password

The other replies in this thread are mostly incorrect, especially the one from 'Sprint Social Care'. If you are travelling internationally, you can call Sprint for the unlock code and they will give it to you. Purchase Iphone 4s Unlocked. Or, if you have finished your 24 month contract, you can call Sprint to get the unlock code, even if you do not plan to travel internationally. Sprint will provide the unlock code. The code is different for each phone.

Unlock your HTC Phone to use on another simcard of any GSM Carrier by Unlock Code. How To Unlock Iphone 4s Verizon Jailbreak on this page. Sorry sprint and verizon htc devices are not supported as they are not gsm. Switching phone carriers can be a real pain. If you know how to unlock your phone, you can help ease some of the pain by using your old phone on your new provider's.

To unlock the phone, simply insert a SIM card from some other carrier. The phone will ask you for the SIM PIN (if the SIM has one).

Enter the SIM PIN (if applicable). Then, it will ask you for the unlock code. Enter the unlock code that was provided by Sprint.

Windows 8 Confirmation Id Keygen. Now, you can use your phone on any GSM network, both in the US and internationally. However, you will be limited to 3G data speeds.