How To Unlock A Frozen Iphone

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Jan 22, 2008 Occasionally your Apple iPhone may hang or 'freeze' during an operation. We show you how to unfreeze an unresponsive iPhone without doing a full Restore in. If your iPhone has become so unresponsive that even the Home button does not work, you can force it to restart. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button at the top until a red slider appears. Slide it to power off the device.

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I was playing on it earlier before school. I first notice that it wasn't unlocking after I was going to turn off my music. So i just turned it off. How To Unlock Out Of Contract Iphone 5. The 6h 30m passed and I tried to turn it on and it did nothing. I eventually got it to turn on and then I couldn't unlock my phone. The first digit to unlock my phone is 3.

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