How To Know If Your Iphone 4 Is Unlocked

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How To Know If Your Iphone 4 Is Unlocked

Sep 13, 2012 I have the iPhone 3GS and was hoping to sell it. How do I know if it is unlocked? (Beside putting in another carrier SIM) I jailbroken it before.

How to Check if Your iPhone Is Unlocked. This wikiHow teaches you how to find out whether. They will usually be able to tell you whether or not your iPhone is. A comprehensive guide to check if your iPhone is SIM unlocked. As most smartphone users know. IBTimes UK has posted a step-by-step guide to unlock iPhone 4.

I took my iPhone 4 to be unlocked and when I went to pick it up they said they had done it but their system was down. So he said put a new sim card in and plug it into iTunes and it will say congratulations your iPhone is unlocked.

I've done this and no message came up. My phone keeps saying invalid sim.

I've moved over to australia now and people of here say I need to get in contact with o2 so they will unlock my phone for free (which i didn't think was right) Other people here say you can't unlock your phone at all. Can anyone tell me how to see if my iPhone is unlocked and what I should do on iTunes? I'm so confused with it all! Polderbits Sound Recorder And Editor 9.0 Keygen. • I want to get an iPhone 4S and my friend has the iPhone 4 unlocked but i'm worried that if i get it non-factory unlocked it won't work. My uncle tried to do it a couple of months ago and apple said that if it was factory unlocked every time the phone shut off or died it would reset. Unlock My Phone Vodafone Australia there. I was just wondering if the same thing would happen if it wasn't factory unlocked?

Sony Vegas 10 Keygen Exe. So if I get it unlocked everytime it will shut off it will reset? That is what i'm worried about. • I want to buy an iPhone in Japan, but I'll return home next year. So I want to keep using it in Europe.