How To Check Iphone Is Factory Unlocked Or Not

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How To Check Iphone Is Icloud Unlocked

For most of us, We want our iPhone to run on the latest iOS because apple always comes up with something extra ordinary. We get irritated if someone says, do you have this thing on your iPhone? And we’re not even updated yet! No one likes that feeling! How To Use Android Studio To Unlock Phone. For update, first thing we need to know if iPhone is factory unlocked or not. Only and only if your iPhone is factory unlocked, you can update iPhone iOS.

If you are planning on buying an iPhone you will want to know if it is locked to a specific carrier. Having an unlocked iPhone is handy if you spend a lot of.

The tricky thing is to know if your iPhone is factory unlocked or not. There are numerous ways to know but the best and easiest way is to check via iUnlockStore. Stores That Unlock Sprint Phones. com carrier check service. Currently, it is free, lightning fast and data received from them is directly fed up from apple server in real time. If you know that your, Here is how to order for checking factory lock/unlock status for your iPhone: • Go to: [No longer free service] • Share the word by pressing Like, +1, Tweet, follow, or inShare. Check out the screenshot below.

• Enter your IMEI and click on Unlock Now • On the next page you will see that you your coupon has been activated and you have been discounted 100% which means you have to pay nothing. Simply click on ” Proceed Checkout.” • As you may have not been registered click on ” Billing Address” • Enter your basic info and click on Shipping Address. • Enter notes on Shipping Address and click on Payment method. • As your coupon is activated, you will see message.