How Do You Unlock Iphone Without Password

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How Do You Unlock Iphone If Forgot Password

Apple Iphone 6 Gsm Unlocked. Can I Use An Unlocked Iphone 5 With Sprint. A window will pop up asking you to confirm that you want to proceed with a system restore on your phone after the backup is complete. How To Check If My Tmobile Phone Is Unlocked. Once confirmed, the reset process will begin. Wait until a window appears confirming that the iPhone has been restored. Then, watch your iPhone for the 'Connect to iTunes' screen.

Are you aware that many iPhone users go for factory resetting instead of searching for ways to unlock iPhone without passcode? You may ask “What’s the need for this trick?” but the fact is that it will be very helpful to you someday. For more clarity on the need to learn how to unlock iPhone without a passcode, we’ve made a list of scenes where you need to bypass lock screen without a passcode, and they’re as follows: • Forgotten the passcode of your iPhone, and you need to access your phone urgently? • Searching for ways to regain your passcode when your spouse or friend have changed your iPhone passcode. • When you want to show your friend the weakness in iPhone’s passcode-protected lock screen. • Found a missing iPhone, and you want to know the rightful owner in order to return it to him or her. • Trying to access your old iPhone 6S in order to wipe it clean before giving it out.

Unlock iPhone without Passcode via Siri A recent study on iOS 10.3.2 and 10.3.3 beta found that it’s possible to gain access to iPhone Home screen without passcode using Siri. Here are the steps: Step 1: Press the home button using any of your fingers – this would prompt Siri to wake up. Step 2: Say “Cellular Data”, then switch off the Wi-Fi network to remove connectivity access. Step 3: Then, press the home button to be redirected to the home screen.