How Do You Unlock An Lg Phone With Google Account

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To learn more about unlocking your mobile phone, follow the steps in the main article. You can reach the main guide by clicking on the title of this page or the link below the article summary. Is there a 72hr window on resetting a phone and being able to use the Gmail address? As I can't get past the Google sync page on reset phone? I set the alarm on my Moto x play earlier, I went back to it and the default keypad had changed to American English and not my normal keypad layout. It also kept telling me that my password was wrong so I was locked out of the phone. So only thing I could do was factory reset, so I did that.

How Do You Unlock An Lg Phone With Google Account

Rebooted OK, was displayed that phone was reset and to put in Gmail address that it had been synced with. I did that and all it comes up with is 'please sign in using one of the owner's accounts for this device'. Now I have tried both my Google accounts and say the same thing, not happy bunny at the moment. See more questions like this: How can I log on to the 'Verify your account' beginning page on phone?

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I had to reset my Android phone. It says 'Need valid your Google account first, please make sure your network is connected press start to begin the process'.

I pressed Start and the next step said 'This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google account that was previously linked to this device.' I typed in the email address (Correct).

Then clicked next and it asks for the password. I typed in the correct password and even reset it twice but it keeps saying 'Password you entered is incorrect, please try again!' The email and password are correct but it still keeps saying this. Can you help me please?

I do not have a phone until this goes through. I have tried: I reset my password and looked Google for advice but still cannot find anything. How Do You Unlock Icloud On An Iphone there. I think it was caused by: I don't know why but I think Google has something to do behind this. Phone Unlocking Software Iphone. If nothing helps, the phone may fall under warranty. It should be fixed for free at the shop where you have purchased it.