How Do You Tell If Phone Is Unlocked

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I have purchased a AT&T HTC Vivid for a very good price from someone at work that had just finished his contract and got a new phone. The thing is 100% of everyone I know is AT&T so I know of no way to test with out actually buying an account and trying it. I would like to know if the phone is unlocked before I spend the money on a sim that may not work with it. Ssh Keygen Ecdsa. Check If Tmobile Phone Is Unlocked. The co-worker I bought it from knows nothing about getting it unlocked or even if it was when the contract was up so no help there.

How Do You Tell If Phone Is Unlocked

It's easy to take the guessing game out of wondering if your phone. Checking if your phone is locked or unlocked. Tell you there is no block on the phone. A locked cell phone means that the phone is tied into one carrier and cannot be used on another company's network. Does Boost Mobile Sell Unlocked Phones. You may want to unlock your phone if your cell phone.

This is the first android phone I have had. Well I don;t have a real carrier, I have been go phone for a long time and am wanting to switch to straight talk. The thing is I want to make sure the phone is unlocked because I want to buy the unlocked any gsm phone $45 a month package. This way any time I want to upgrade to a better phone it would be easy as long as it's an unlocked gsm phone.

I could then re sell my old one as unlocked, I just wish there is a way to tell or am I going to have to go to an AT&T store and see if they would check it for me? I hate dealing with the local store, they suck! Here is another question: Does anyone on here have a preference for any of the unlocking web sites that are honest enough to actually give me a good unlock code and not be a rip off? Ok, here's an update. I got my Straight Talk sim and put it in and everything works! I was never asked for an unlock code.

I still think it's locked cause Straight Talk says there sims are AT&T compatible. So I am still not sure if it needs unlocked and I don't want to waste the $10 to $15 for an unlock if I don't need to.