How Do I Unlock A Blackberry Phone

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How to Unlock Your Blackberry Bold 9700. Unlock a BlackBerry Bold 9700 by following these steps. A BlackBerry Bold 9700 unlocked will work on any SIM card based phone. Can I Unlock My Phone From My Computer. Return to your home screen and then restart your phone (remove the battery and then re-insert it). You should now be unlocked! You have a total of 10 tries to enter your unlock code. If you use up all 10 tries your phone will be permanently locked! If you have less than 5 tries left, please contact support before continuing. To lock your device, do one of the following: Press and hold the Power/Lock key. To automatically lock your device after a certain amount of time, on the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen. Tap Settings >Security and Privacy >If I Bought My Iphone From Apple Is It Unlocked. Device Password. In the Lock Device After drop-down list, select an interval.

How To Unlock Blackberry