Face Recognition Unlock Phone

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Face Recognition Unlock Phone

You can now unlock your Android device with facial recognition. But if you just want an easy way to unlock your phone. I’m a writer for 9to5Google with a. Apple has yet to bring facial recognition to the iPhone and iPad, but a couple of iOS apps can detect your face to lock and unlock certain secrets.

The iPhone 5S faces away. Sarah Tew/CNET iPhone and iPad users waiting for Apple to bring facial recognition to the iOS world may want to check out a couple of apps in the meantime. A few different apps in Apple's App Store use the camera to identify your face, thereby granting access to certain stored information.

The two apps that I took for a spin are FastAccess Anywhere and FaceCrypt. Both of them use facial recognition to lock and unlock specific content. How do they fare? FastAccess Anywhere Sensible Vision FastAccess Anywhere lets you use your face as a password to access any Web site that you choose. You first browse to a site using the app's built-in browser. Can I Use An Unlocked Verizon Iphone On Straight Talk. After you enter your login credentials and sign in, FastAccess asks if you want to save your username and password for that site.

You can choose yes, not now, or never. If you opt to save your login information, the app snaps a picture of your face and asks you to select a secret shape as a backup. Windows Phone Unlocker Software Download here.

Log out of the Web site. Now, the next time you surf to it through FastAccess, simply aim your face at the camera, and the app should grant you access by matching your face with the stored image. In my testing, FastAccess usually performed well, allowing me to quickly launch Web sites with just a look.

There are a couple of drawbacks. You must use FastAccess's own Web browser. And to sync your login information across multiple devices, the app stores your photos, usernames, and passwords online, though naturally they're encrypted. Offered by a company named Sensible Vision, FastAccess Anywhere is also available for Android devices and Windows PCs, while a Mac version is on the way. The app runs in free trial mode for 14 days.