Double Tap To Unlock Iphone Without Jailbreak

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May 01, 2014 SmartTap is a brand new jailbreak tweak by well-known developer Elias Limneos. It allows you to use a double-tap gesture on the iPhone's screen to awaken. Without picking it up. That was via double-taping the display. How to get Double-Tap to Wake in iPhone. You need jailbreak to make this work on your iPhone. A new jailbreak tweak called SmartTap has been released on Cydia that lets you Wake / Sleep an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad by double-tapping on the display.

By - May 30, 2014 11:42 AM - We have been covering quite a few jailbreak tweaks now on Gizmostorm, and we are overwhelmed with new tweaks flowing in from various iOS developers in the Cydia tweak store everyday. While jailbreaking opens up a plethora of customizations for iOS users, the marketplace for tweaks and apps is never ending. 3ds Max 2018 Xforce Keygen.

From being able to change font on your device, to changing how you unlock your device, jailbreak makes it all handy. Coming back to the topic, we have an extremely wonderful tweak for you. SmartTapis a new jailbreak tweak which lets you lock your iPhone, or unlock it by simple gestures like double tap. That’s right.

Double Tap To Unlock Iphone Without Jailbreak

No need to press the power button again and again to put your iPhone to sleep. What's The Difference Between A Locked And Unlocked Phone. Now you can simply double tap the home screen or the lock screen to put your device to sleep, or to awaken it. Apart from double tap, you can also assign other gestures like swiping up or down to unlock your screen or lock it. So here’s how to get SmartTap on your iDevice including iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

How To Unlock Your iPhone By Double Tapping It With SmartTap NOTE: Please note that SmartTap is a jailbreak oriented tweak and requires you to have a jailbroken iDevice. We are assuming that you already have a jailbroken iDevice. While jailbreaking may void your device’s manufacturers warranty, we recommend you to take a complete backup of your iDevice before proceeding.

See also: Step 1: Launch Cydia app from your iDevice’s springboard and tap the Search button on lower navigation menu to search for SmartTap tweak. SmartTap is available under the BigBoss repository under the Cydia tweak store for a price of $1.99 USD. However, you can get this tweak for free on your iDevice by adding Xsellize repository (which uploads cracked tweaks for free. Step 2: Once you have successfully installed/purchased this tweak, you can exit Cydia. Now, navigate to Settings->SmartTap to configure its settings. Once you enter the preferences page, you will come across two basic sections.