Difference Between Locked Phone And Unlocked

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As smartphones become an integral part of our daily lives, so, too, does lingo and terminology revolving around them. For someone who hasn’t kept u with them, they can be a little confusing. One word you may have heard before is the word “unlocked.” You may have also noticed that unlocked phones are often mentioned in a positive light. Shops and auction sites may proudly boast that the phone they’re selling has been unlocked, for instance. So, what is unlocking, and why do people want to perform it on their phones? What Unlocking Means First of all, let’s explore what kind of lock an “unlocked” phone has defeated exactly. Factory Unlock Your Iphone By Imei Number.

Difference Between Locked And Unlocked Phone

Where Can I Have My Iphone Unlocked. When phone manufacturers make a phone, they add special software on it that can be accessed with a code. This software and its code is only meant to be used by phone carriers who sell the phone. When the carriers decide to support the manufacturer’s phone as part of their product range, they access this software using the code and use it to add a carrier lock to the phone. The lock ties the phone to the carrier’s network, so people who purchase the phone from the carrier can’t use it on anyone else’s network even if they remove the SIM card and replace it with one that uses a different network.