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Apple Iphone Imei Unlock Check

Nope, iphone 6s, which is supported on their page, iphone 6 plus goes through just fine, so why a 6s wouldn't is odd. ATT says it is unlocked, out of contract, so not sure if a time period issue where it needs to go for 24 hours before it approves for the eligibility or what's the cause. Iphone 5s Unlocked Phone Price In Usa. Also, BYOD page says iphone 7 will work, so either info there is wrong or something else is going on. Update: tello has no issues with it, so makes me think that it's the eligibility check with virgin that is having a problem.

Sprint / Boost Mobile / Virgin Mobile USA iPhone Unlock Eligibility Checker. With this check service you can find out if your Sprint / Boost / Virgin iPhone.

The reason an ATT iPhone 7 will not work is because it has the Intel modem and that does not support CDMA radios. Iphone 5c 8gb White Unlocked. Only the iPhone 7 with the Qualcomm modem (sim free, Verizon, or Sprint versions) work on CDMA. That is not the case for the 6 or 6s. Fifa 17 Keygen Download. A family member has a 6s that is sim free and is eligible for activation on the Sprint network but cannot pass the Inner Circle eligibility checker even though it wil activate on Tello, Ting etc.