Cdma Iphone 4s Factory Unlock

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Cdma Iphone 4s Factory Unlock

Can an iphone 4s Factory unlocked be used with both cdma and gsm networks? Oct 31, 2011 When I buy a Verizon IPhone 4s I am able to get a SIM unlock but this is not a unlocked Phone. Unlocked Iphones At Target. I am not able to use for example. Buy Refurbished Iphone 3gs Unlocked. A AT&T SIM or use is on other CDMA.

Do to all the questions I have on my Ultrasn0w video on what to do if you don't have a supported baseband / modem firmware, I've made a video response with info on another two methods you can use that will work on any baseband iPhone 4 or 4S and most any baseband iPhone 4. Both of these solutions are available frrom Please Like and Subscribe. If you want to do an unteathered Jailbreak of your iOS 5.1.1 device watch my video here. Method 1 if you have an AT&T iPhone 4 or 4S: I show you hot to do a FREE IMEI Permanent Factory unlock of your AT&T iPhone any baseband any model. Method 2 for all other iPhone 4 and 4S GSM or CDMA models: GEVEY Ultra and Ultra S turbo sims. It's a chip that comes with a custom sim tray and lays beneath your own carriers sim. It comes in three different versions.

Differences in the GEVEY Ultra Sim versions. The iPhone 4 version: • Supports all versions of iOS 4.0 through 5.1.1 • Requireds modem firmware 1.59.00, 2.10.04, 3.10.01 and 4.10.01. DOES NOT yet work on modem firmware 4.12.01 or 4.11.08. • Works without jailbreaking following some steps or jailbreaking using Furiousmod.

Full instructions on their site. IPhone 4S GSM version: • Supports iOS 5.0 through 5.1.1 • works with all basebands no Jailbreak required full plug and play. IPhone 4S CDMA Version: • Supports iOS 5.0 through 5.1.1 • Works on all modem firmware 1.0.11, 1.0.13, 1.0. Age Of Empires 3 Keygen Generator. 14 and 2.0.12 • Jailbreak required and install of FuriousMod. Video instructions available on geveys website. • Unlocks your CDMA iPhone 4S to work on a GSM network. I don't know if it will allow you to use device on another CDMA network, for example Verizon / Sprint. • If you're unlocking the Sprint CDMA 4S additional steps are required.