Carrier Unlocker Windows Phone Application

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Advertisement “Jailbreaking” has become the de facto term for overcoming the developer lock on a mobile phone in order to install homebrew or non-marketplace applications (also known as “rooting” on Android devices). First used to describe the process of unlocking an iPhone, the term now applies to the process on pretty much any locked device, whether mobile phone or tablet. Windows Phones come locked by default, with users only able to install apps from the Windows Phone Marketplace on a region-specific basis. This can result in some disparity between users based in different territories and also prevents amateur developers from testing their apps on the platform. Fortunately, two unlock methods are currently available across all Windows Phone devices.

Carrier Unlocker Windows Phone Application

The first option is to register your Windows Phone as a developer device, enabling access to a wealth of development options – for a fee. If you don’t have resources for this, however, a much cheaper but limited choice also exists. Registering Your Handset as a Developer Device The first option is unfortunately quite expensive but registering your Windows Phone as a developer device affords the ability to unlock your handset and submit apps to the Marketplace; you will also receive access to some useful developer tools that you can download. This requires the Windows Phone SDK and your Windows Live account, but will cost $99 (£65 in the UK).

To use this option, visit the App Hub at and sign in with your Windows Live account. How Do You Unlock A Boost Mobile Android Phone here. Visiting this site will upgrade your Windows Live account, allowing you to register as a developer, so complete the form as required. If you have a credit card linked to your Windows Phone then this will be charged. Iphone 5c 8gb White Unlocked.

Once the payment is made, you will receive a code. Head back to the App Hub and download the SDK, which you will need for development purposes and to unlock your handset. Like New Iphone 5s Unlocked. After installing this – which will require an Internet connection – you will then be able to connect your handset, launch Start >All Programs >Windows Phone Developer Registration and enter the unlock code you received earlier. Note that this is limited to three phone unlocks per developer account. Eligible students can unlock their Windows Phones for free, by completing the registration form with the correct information (name of college, code, etc.). Using ChevronWP7 to Unlock Your Windows Phone The $99 fee has been controversial, which is why Microsoft acquiesced and allowed the creation of a limited unlock tool by the ChevronWP7 team of homebrew developers. Ideal for designing and running apps by amateur developers, the ChevronWP7 service costs just $9 and is available via Using a purchased code, you can use this service to “officially” unlock the device, thereby enabling the installation of homebrew apps and games.