Can You Unlock A Phone With A Bad Imei

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Can You Unlock A Phone Without A Sim Card

Insite 8.1 Keygen more. Iphone 6s 16gb Unlocked Best Buy. A phone with a bad IMEI can not be activated because of a number of possible reasons. The phone could have a large outstanding bill attached, may have been sold as a prepaid phone (that can generally only be activated as prepaid until the original carrier decides it will unlock it), or the phone could be reported as lost/stolen by a previous owner.

Due to the overwhelming email response to our craigslist bad esn blog post – We’re putting up the solutions for all to see. – BAD IMEI or Blocked IMEI phone: Bad/Blocked imei phones are those that operate on the GSM networks. The main 2 in the USA are Tmobile, and AT&T. • Mobilelizard does provide a service for users of Samsung phones which have been blocked. To find out more, head to our website and look at the imei repair service. How Can I Unlock My Childs Phone. • Sell to someone that will use outside the USA only.