Can Verizon Iphone Be Unlocked For Tmobile

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Can A Verizon Iphone Be Unlocked For Tmobile

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I'm planning to purchase a new iPhone 5s outright (ie, not on contract) for use with one of T-Mobile's prepaid plans. I'm wondering if it makes more sense to buy a Verizon iPhone 5s, just in case T-Mobile's service is unacceptable. I know that Verizon phones come unlocked, due to the terms of a recent spectrum purchase, but I don't know whether that applies only to the 3G bands. How To Unlock Lg Phone Forgot Password Without Losing Data here. Crysis 2 Keygen Skidrow.

I also know that if I buy an unlocked T-Mobile iPhone, Verzion will not allow it to be used on their service. Does anyone have experience with this? I'm certain the Verizon 5s will work on T-Mobile 3G/HSPA+, but I'd really like to have LTE. Short answer, yes (assuming you have LTE coverage in your area by T-Mobile). But you should get the iPhone 5s from Verizon instead of getting it from T-Mobile.