Can I Unlock My Iphone Without A Sim Card

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Can I Unlock My Iphone Without A Sim Card

There are times when users need to switch carriers due to various reasons such as: going abroad, living in the area with poor receptions, want to change to cheaper providers, etc. Having a locked iPhone won’t make it easier for you to switch carrier. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to unlock your iPhone, even without the SIM card.

Part 1: Steps to Unlock Your iPhone Without SIM Card One important and necessary step in the unlocking your iPhone step is to insert the non-accepted SIM card into your iPhone before connecting it to the internet (either via Wifi or iTunes on an internet-connected computer). But what if you don’t have the SIM card? You still can unlock the iPhone, but there are several extra steps that you need to do. Start by backing up your iPhone - You can use iCloud or iTunes for backup. But if you are in the area where wireless connection to the internet is not reliable, it’s better to use iTunes. Open iTunes on your computer, connect the iPhone and select it in iTunes, then click Backup Now. Komplete 8 Keygen.

After the backup is complete, erase the device by going to Settings - General - Reset - Erase All contents and settings menu on your iPhone. Please note that you would need to enter your passcode before you could continue with the process.

After the device is completely erased, which will take some time to finish, you will go back to the set-up screen. How To Unlock Iphone 6s Without Passcode. Face Recognition Unlock Phone. Complete the setup process, and you are ready to restore the iPhone. Launch iTunes on the computer where you keep your backup from the first step, connect the device and select Restore Backup in iTunes. Choose the backup that you want to restore and click Restore.