Can A Thief Unlock My Iphone

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Unlock Iphone 6 From Computer here. It is very possible for someone to unlock it, especially with the right skills. Here is what I don't like about pattern unlocks: I once sat next to someone at school who wiped his 'friends' phone screen off, and then waited for him to unlock it.

Unlock My Iphone 5s

He then stole it and looked at the smudge on the screen to get the unlock pattern. How To Unlock At&t Phone Under Contract there. In my personal experience, number combinations are a lot safer than patterns. Now lets say that you had a really good unlock pattern that was really long that nobody could just brute force hack. Then your data is still a little bit more protected, but you can still get into it. All somebody has to do to get your data off of your phone is to root it and then they have access to everything. If I were you I wouldn't be very worried. Your phone doesn't (or at least shouldn't) have credit card info stored on it.