Au Iphone 6 Unlock

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Both KDDI () and docomo () have announced their respective unlocking conditions in compliance with the. At this point in time, there appears to be some major differences in the KDDI and docomo conditions. Media inquires indicate that, where as KDDI has responded that it will unlock any phone, irrespective of the current owner. (This of course won't apply to stolen phones). Additionally, the rumor is that docomo will only unlock phones for, even for the original owner. However, keep in mind the following two points: • Neither company is actually unlocking phones under the new guidelines yet.

Au Iphone 6 Lock

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• Such glaring differences in service conditions have a way of leveling out. (Remember the debacle that was Softbank's and ) So by the time six months have passed from the release of the docomo summer lineup, it is entirely possible that docomo will match KDDI's conditions (though on the other hand this is docomo who is used to being the ones to dictate conditions to the other carriers – so we'll just have to see). There were (are) no similar restrictions on the unlocking period for docomo phones to which the apply. Unlock possible after cancel service forever for 3 months * The 'Galaxy S6 edge SCV31' on sale from April 23 from KDDI is subject to the new guidelines and will be unlockable 180 days from purchase.

(This phone is also currently unlockable now from docomo but for ¥3,000.) So is this a good or bad thing? It depends on how you look at it. Previously, docomo was the only option for obtaining an officially-unlockable phone, and that cost money and time, you ended up with incompetent shop staff. It was also difficult to figure out which bands a docomo phone supported.