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Various terms are used to describe the status of new and used mobiles and smartphones. A frequently encountered term is unlocked, though SIM free is also becoming more commonly found. Choosing Unlocked and SIM Free Mobiles and Smartphones The two terms mean slightly different things, though somewhat confusingly can also be sometimes used interchangeably. Nitro Pdf Pro 9 Keygen.

When buying a mobile phone, be sure to clarify the SIM card status as this can affect how the phone can be used. The following sections outline the differences in unlocked and SIM free mobiles and smartphones. How To Unlock A Sprint Iphone 7. Network Restrictions Both unlocked and SIM free phones do not usually have a SIM card included with them. The purchase only includes the phone and accessories. However, beyond this there may be differences in how the phones can interact with different networks.

Network Restrictions on Unlocked Mobiles and Smartphones The major point about unlocked phones is that they can be used on any network. They have had all restrictions tying them to a particular network removed – or those restrictions were never in place in the first instance. For example, an O2 handset originally tied to having an O2 SIM card will have been modified so that it can take any SIM card. This applies to both contract and pay-as-you-go SIM cards. Network Restrictions on SIM Free Mobiles and Smartphones Unlike unlocked phones that can be used on any network, SIM free phones may still be tied to a particular network. This is a vital point, and one that sometimes needs reiterating, as many customers believe that SIM free automatically means the phone can be used on any network. It is important to read the small print and check that using the phone is not dependent upon using a specific SIM card, even when the card is not included.