Ads Pop Up When Unlocking Phone

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Click to expand.I've had the same flashlight app for about a year and the ads didn't start until about a month ago, and I don't have any of those other one either. My wife told me her galaxy s7 started doing it too about a week ago when she finally updated her apps (all 41, she never updates anything and it drives me nuts). So I feel like it's a relatively common app pushing the ads or the os since our phones are pretty different on what's downloaded, like I don't have Facebook and she does on hers, and the only 2 games I have have been on my phone for about 2 years so it's very confusing what's causing it and frustrating.

Ads Pop Up When Unlocking Phone

Jan 17, 2018 How to Get the Android Browser to Block Popups. WikiHow's mission is to help. What is the best way to block useless ads and pics (pop ups) on my cell phone?

Hope the extra info helps. The same thing happened to me and it drove me insane. Okay so this is how you solve it. You know the home button on the bottom in the middle, well when the ad comes up push the square icon on the left next to the home button, this will minimize the ad.

Once you do this keep your finger down on the minimized app and it will tell you the app that is causing the issue. For me it was an unzip app I downloaded from Google play. Once you delete that app the ads will immediately stop. It took me two weeks to figure it out. Hey (SAMSUNG GALAXY S7) I have the same problem.

Iphone 5 Sim Unlock Jailbreak. The point is I didn't install any apps at all in the last 4 days. This annoying ads pops up even when somebody is calling me. As u can see in the img uploaded, I pressed the left button, multi-windows App to close them, and did a screenshot. Cheap Unlocked T Mobile Smart Phones here.